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The 2014-2015 Team

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The 2015 Combine Columbine Team


Our business, Combine Columbine, is a student led social enterprise from our entrepreneurship class at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Our main goal is to promote healthy awareness about some of the pressures that high school students can face within the home and attempt to offer helpful solutions to some of these issues. This is not simply our doing; we are working in conjunction with The Fire Within, Junior Achievement, and other resources that can provide assistance to students and parents who are in distress or concerned about the student’s safety. Our class has all received suicide training through QPR and worked with our Fire Within representative to learn how to identify and handle a suicidal situation if one were to arise. Our primary factors contributing to our success lie within our strength as a team and a family, as well as our positive atmosphere here at Columbine. Each member of our team has specific tasks and are placed with other members with similar skill sets, providing a mastery over their specific tasks and duties. Out of this, we have three elected executives to oversee the team and ensure its success through fair and helpful cooperation. As a team, as a school, and as a family, we are striving to end this issue.


Our Combine Columbine Advisors


IMG_0080 Bryan Halsey

 Mr. Halsey is the Business and Marketing teacher at Columbine High School.  He has a passion for teaching young people about leadership.  Mr. Halsey’s Advanced Marketing class of 2011-2012 first began the social enterprise Combine Columbine.







Clay Thielking

I began my teaching career at Columbine in 2000.  I am currently teaching Business and ACE classes.  This is my third year of teaching Entrepreneurship, and it is an honor to be involved with Combine Columbine, as suicide has impacted me on a personal level.  Our students are working hard to promote awareness and prevent isolation .  Thank you for visiting our site!





































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